July 2022

・distribute iOS/Android application
・Learn Flutter much

June 2022

・Start Flutter application development
・Learn Laravel Passport
・Start Creating API Server with Laravel

May 2022

・Learn Flutter

April 2022

・Start Vue.js × Express application development

March 2022

・Just work...

February 2022

・Learn Cloud Functions
・Learn Firebase Security Rule

January 2022

・Just work...

December 2021

・Learn TypeScript

November 2021

・Coding Account withdrawal processing

October 2021

・Just work...

September 2021

・Just work...

August 2021

・Just work...

July 2021

・Start reservation application development with Laravel

June 2021

・Restart creating Python application which predict prize on horse racing with machine learning

May 2021

・Restart learning machine learning
・Join competition on Kaggke
・Win second prize on Kaggle (Tabular Playground Series)

April 2021

・Learn AR
・Learn Akerun API(Akerun API is remote door system)

March 2021

・Get an order for Python job
・Learn shopify API

February 2021

・Work hard

January 2021

・Learn Bootstrap with Sass
・Learn async/await
・Learn firestore

December 2020

・Assign JS(polymer) × Firebase application development project
・Get more creating website orders.

November 2020

・Complete Laravel × Vue.js application development
・Finish wordpress jobs
・Learn and Use BASE(BASE is Japanese service like shopify)

October 2020

・Change domains for job
・Learn Work

September 2020

・Learn Network
・Learn Box API
・Become a Freelance Engineer
・Move share-house

August 2020

・Learn Vue.js
・Start Laravel × Vue.js application development
・Learn Laravel Echo

July 2020

・Work with AWS for job
・Learn Amazon SES

June 2020

・Submit a retirement notice
・Work hard

May 2020

・Work hard

April 2020

・Use Stripe API
・Develop Payment processing with GMO Payment API

March 2020

・Decide to become Freelance Engineer.
・Work with Laravel
・Learn React.js

February 2020

・Start creating fashion website application with Laravel and Python. That application can collect product to use web scraping and update site contents automatic.

January 2020

・Start creating Python application which predict prize on horse racing with machine learning

December 2019

・Learn machine learning
・Learn Python
・Coding with Scikit-Learn

November 2019

・Learn AWS
・Pass the AWS Cloud Plactitioner examination
・Pass the AWS Solution Architect Associate examination

October 2019

・Create an iOS application, but rejected.
・Learn Linux Command
・Learn Vim
・Learn Docker
・Learn AWS
・Create iOS

September 2019

・Learn Swift
・Learn Firebase
・Create and Publish an iOS Application
・Learn AdminLTE

August 2019

・Get and Complete orders for WordPress jobs as a side buisiness
・Purchase Mac PC

July 2019

・Get an order for Laravel job as a side buisiness
・Learn and Work hard to complete job, but can't complete due to my lack of skill

June 2019

・Learn Bootstrap
・Learn Laravel
・Create a website with PHP and Bootstrap.

May 2019

・Get orders for WordPress job as a side buisiness
・Learn PHP

April 2019

・Complete two WordPress Theme development
・Learn Adobe XD
・Design Landing Page
・Coding Landing Page

March 2019

・Learn JQuery
・Complete My first WordPress Theme development

February 2019

・Learn WordPress Theme development
・LearnHTML and CSS

 before January 2019

・Learn Java in the company training
・Work with Java and Linux in company where I am employed